Im in Love!

well of course with my hubby ..but also with the Beau Chateau DSP! Its just gorgeous! Here is a couple of projects Ive been doing lately. The first is a petite pocket pouch with a matching card and the other is a sneak peek of my scrapbooking class this month … still to be finished but waiting on a couple of dies arriving this week excited to get new stuff ..its like Christmas every time a box arrives.

DH thinks he has been replaced in affections by the rural delivery man ..hehe!

I have a team training in a couple of weeks in Tauranga at my new team member Jo Wilsons place.

My team training is a monthly get together and a load of fun! If you would like to come along and join in as a lookie to joining my team you can email me anytime.

Of course if you want to jump right in and join check out this post. You can get the starter kit cheap  and have free additional product too.Why not get up to 20% off your scrapbooking/cardmaking supplies, get free product along the way and join a friendly team (my team). Contact me for more details why you should join up with me.


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  1. Ted

    Mum reckons she knows how 2 make the pocket … I didnt believe her, then she showed hers to me … I guess dats wot u were doin in the barn on saturday … luv Ted


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