Hip Hip Hooray Mini Album!

I’m sure there are others who have come up with this idea but I thought the Hip Hip Hooray kit as pictured stampin-up-hhip-hip-hooray-kit-1..would make a fab mini album! I had a couple of hours to spare on Saturday so this mini album took me 2 hours from woah to go!

Something, I probably couldn’t achieve if I made everything from scratch. This envelope album is quick to do and whats better is that I’m giving you a free tutorial to make it…read on!

IMG_6601-001 IMG_6603-001 IMG_6604-001

All of the supplies I used were in this card kit (which retails for $38.95 in NZ…you can order one from me today!) You could possibly get 3 mini albums out of this kit. I used a few extra things in the decorating eg brads and tools.

Heres a collage of the insides.

mini rhys 19

Want to make this? You can download the PDF of this tutorial  here:

Hip Hooray Designer Card Kit Mini Album by Delys Cram..it is 2.44MB as its full of photos.

Any Questions about it or to order your Hip Hip Hooray kit, Email me here.

Have a lovely week!


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  1. jlfstudio

    Fabulous project Delys. Thanks so very much for sharing the tutorial. I had envisioned an envelope album for this kit when it came out but you’ve taken it to a whole other level. Love it! Thanks too for introducing me to a new term…Sharemilker. Very cool concept.


  2. Paula Dobson

    You are the absolute BOMB, girlfriend!! So very generous sharing your tutorial. Love this album and want to make on RIGHT NOW!! I totally love this whole kit anyway. That would have taken me weeks to come up with lol


  3. Sally Haultain

    Thanks Delys for sharing that fab mini! You are so clever…and generous. Guess what I will be doing tomorrow? I can’t wait to make one.


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