So terrible!

My very deep condolences go out to the victorians who have lost loved ones..their houses with all of their photos and memories ..just gone in a puff of wind. My blood is boiling at the ones who have deliberately set fires …ummm very very angry here! Dont forget there is also livestock that have perished too  but the 127 or so lives lost so far? Far out! Those poor poor people and the Id hate to be in that situation.

img_5245Onto cards …Im involved with a couple of card projects for people in need and urge you all to send a card to the ones affected

If you are interested in sending a card to the OZ bushfires card drive post here and I can give you the address to send it too.

Onto other things here are a couple of cards I did last week for my fortnightly card class ..teaching the art of faux shave cream…very effective dont you think?

This technique really suits the solid image stamps like bodacious bouquet here.


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