Butterfly Bouquet Suite!

I have just had a fabulous stampcamp craft retreat this past weekend and I managed to have a play with this new suite.

This suite is available for us demonstrators last month and will be available for sale starting March 2 for customers.

Here is a teaser for what Ive come with using this suite.

First off a scrapbooking layout.

..and a set of cards I made for the stampcamps service project. All of the cards are going to the Burns Unit in Auckland Nz. The burns units Ive been involved with (3 over the 30 odd years) I have had a relationship with as Ive had to take blood off them for testing. It is extremely challenging to get blood of burns patients and they normally have ports in but they often fail or get bugs so my profession as a phlebotomist comes into play then.

I really enjoyed using this suite and the 6×6 DSP pack is to die for IMO!

This suite is now available for purchase! Contact me today if you would like to purchase and live in New Zealand.

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